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villa ampelitis, paphos, cyprus

Villa Ampelitis - Paphos, Cyprus

This testimonial from Mrs Tereasa Ewan:

We visited Villa Ampelitis in August 2009 and had a fantastic holiday. We have a 15 year old daughter who has Cerebral Palsy and is spastic quadriplegic, so lifting, handling, toileting and showering have always presented a problem for us on holiday. I can honestly say this time was very different, we had a choice of wet rooms with a shower/toilet seat that was on wheels, all the doors were wide enough and all the rooms thoughtfully laid out and spacious. Added to this, the indoor pool was the perfect temperature with the ceiling hoist which enabled us to get Nadine in and out of the pool without breaking our backs. She was a different child on this holiday. Everywhere on the ground floor was level access, so again no problems with the wheelchair.

The only disappointing thing was that due to past experiences we only took the manual chair, but we could have taken the electric as there was plenty of room to manoeuvre, we would have also taken the manual chair for visits into Paphos etc. and next time this is what we will do. (We have already re-booked.) If anyone would like to ask me any questions I will be happy for Irene to pass on my details, and you can either ring me or email me.



villa timily, paphos, cyprus

Villa Timily - Paphos, Cyprus

Jan Todd wrote:

I checked the villa out before booking to make sure the area was suitable for my electric scooter, as I am disabled.

The villa was spotless with a good sized open plan kitchen, dining room and living area. The 3 double bedrooms were very spacious. There was a family shower room and a very large en suite wet room. The ramps to the front door and to the pool were great, but there was even a ramp over the rail for the patio door making it very easy to get in and out. All doors were wide enough for most wheelchairs or scooters.

The wet room was brilliant with lots of space to turn my scooter around. There was a support rail next to the toilet and a fold-up stool on the wall of the shower. The floor was non-slip with a wheelchair space under the toilet. Everything in the kitchen was easily accessible with a space under the sink and hob.

If you don't want to drive and there are disabled people in the group, then I don't have any hesitation in recommending C & A taxis in Polis. They have minibuses with lifts in the back and passengers who can't leave their wheelchairs, are anchored to the floor.




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